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The casual luxury look is undoubtedly embodied by Vince. The pieces from this Los Angeles-born brand are undeniable must-haves and contribute to creating the perfect wardrobe.
All Vince items are as essential as they are versatile, finding a perfect place in the creation of any outfit, regardless of personal style.
Since 2002, Vince has been building its identity around luxurious basics that never go out of style. Simple lines, casual charm, and high-quality materials define collections that stand the test of time due to their essential nature.

The brand has always been focused on minimalism while maintaining a defined and recognizable identity. It is a clear expression of everyday fashion that transcends the barrier of special occasions, instead materializing in everyday looks.

The Vince cashmere sweater is an example of a timeless piece that should not be missing from any woman’s wardrobe, representing the absolute synthesis of comfort and luxury.
Available in various styles, it caters to both neutral and bold tastes with numerous color variations, always in line with the trendy colors of each season.