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VEJA is the brand that, since 2005, has transformed the world of sneakers. Blending social commitment and strong ecological principles, VEJA fully embraces the challenge of fair and sustainable fashion.

The canvas of its footwear is made from organic cotton sourced from Brazil and Peru, while the soles are crafted from Amazonian rubber derived from recycled materials, including plastic bottles and polyester scraps. Recycled materials are thus used innovatively in highly specialized factories in Brazil, where every stage of the production process aligns with the causes of social justice, environmental respect, and inclusivity.
The goal is to propose a concept that embraces design and social responsibility.
Sneakers are, by excellence, the symbol of a globalized generation fueled by fast fashion, and that’s why the brand decides to make sneakers its core business: to start from scratch, rethinking the ways in which fashion is conceived, produced, and distributed.

The company intentionally chose to establish its facilities in Brazil and adhere to the principle of labor ethics, respecting its personnel with adequate working conditions and compensation.
VEJA’s identity is thus built around the commitment to responsible fashion and materializes in an urban-inspired shoe appreciated for its versatile design.
The iconic side logo caters to everyone’s tastes with a wide range of available colors and its unisex character.