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Stephan Janson is the founder of the eponymous French fashion house of excellence. Born in Provence and raised in Paris, Janson has been fascinated by the world of fashion from an early age, and his encounters with master tailors allowed him to begin studies at the most prestigious Parisian couture schools. He founded his Maison in 1989, quickly becoming a symbol of elegance and success.

Collections bearing the Stephan Janson signature are more than prêt-à-porter; they are true Couture-à-porter. Garments of incredible quality are entirely Made in Italy, specifically in Milan, where, on the first floor of Via Goldoni, alongside the store and offices, the atelier crafts all prototypes. Today, the “Stephan Janson” collection is distributed in a select few stores worldwide, including Torregrossa.

The influence of his mentors, Yves Saint Laurent and Kenzo, is evident in the marvel of each piece, but especially in Janson’s modus operandi. Estranged from trends, the talented creative director of the brand produces two collections each year that do not follow the masses, firmly believing that style is far more valuable than the fleeting nature of fashion.

Janson’s creations are timeless collections designed to make women feel in harmony with their bodies. Meticulously tailored and crafted to drape elegantly on every body and physique, they create a perfect silhouette without losing sight of the importance of sustainability, a significant value for Maison Stephan Janson. The house is committed to avoiding overproduction and creating garments that remain in women’s wardrobes for many years, never losing their incredible quality and beauty.

The winning combination of sensuality, simplicity, comfort, and refinement ensures that the Stephan Janson brand is chosen by women of all generations. Devoted customers and newcomers, grandmothers and granddaughters alike—all are women who know what they want and demonstrate it in their looks.