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Sa Su Phi is an Italian brand founded by Sara Ferrero and Susanna Cucco, former CEO and former creative director of Valextra, who decided to leave the renowned handbag brand to venture into knitwear. The focal point of Sa Su Phi is indeed knitwear, combining Ferrero and Cucco’s professional background and personal tastes to bring practical yet elegant pieces into the women’s wardrobe.
The brand’s name derives from the initials of the two founders (Sa and Su) combined with Phi, the Greek letter indicating the golden ratio. It is also phonetically similar to the French “ça suffit,” meaning “that’s enough,” indicating a need to free oneself from unnecessary things to find the golden ratio between simplicity and audacity, essentiality and expressiveness, comfort, and style.

A brand for women
 Sa Su Phi is created by two women for all women—whether mothers, wives, or career professionals—exploring a transversal concept of femininity. The garments, in their refined simplicity, aim to make the wearer feel good in any professional or personal context.
In the Sa Su Phi collection, you’ll find a wide selection of cardigans, crewneck or turtleneck sweaters with sophisticated woven details, as well as double-breasted jackets and long coats. All pieces feature unique graphic textures and an almost architectural study of volumes, with palettes ranging from gray to blue to latte, as well as canary yellow and bubblegum pink.