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LEMAIRE was created in 1991 by Christophe Lemaire following the win of the ANDAM prize. In the mind of its creator, the brand offers a sophisticated and cosmopolitan style. Each collection is conceived in Paris but draws influences from every part of Europe and the world, giving each garment a unique style.
Fabrics are carefully selected from Europe and Japan, with the majority of production taking place in Europe, Leather goods are crafted in Italy and Spain, where strong craftsmanship combines with the brand’s creative spirit.
Starting with these exquisite materials, the garments created have a distinctive flavor, shaped by LEMAIRE’s fundamental idea: to create clothing suitable for everyday wear, transcending trends and enduring over time. The brand’s proposition is to renew the past, creating a new and timeless classic style.
The new artistic direction, led by the duo Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, has further developed this proposition, Functionality is mixed with elegance, integrating lines from Asian culture to create an elegant and practical design.
This results in high fashion runways with carefully curated silhouettes and clean, minimal design, each pair of pants, shirt, jacket, and bag is crafted to be worn forever, passed from mother to daughter, where women do not need to conform to the fashion of the period.