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The brand’s history
Jil Sander was born in the 1990s from an idea by Heidemarie Jiline Sander and quickly gained worldwide success with its minimal and elegant style.
Heidemarie Jiline Sander was born and raised in Germany, where she graduated in 1963 from a textile engineering school; she later became a fashion editor for an American magazine. In 1968, she moved to Hamburg, where she opened her first boutique and began her career as a designer. Nicknamed the “Queen of Less,” Jil Sander inherited creativity from her mother, propelling her throughout her life into the world of fashion, and from her father, she inherited a passion for minimal design, leading her to cultivate an essential yet functional imagination.
The golden age of the 1980s, a historical moment characterized by opulence and excess, prompted Jil Sander to focus on minimalism. Her credo is “Less is more,” believing that less is better.

Jil Sander’s Signature Style
An essential, timeless, and refined style. The designer, a strong advocate of the simplicity of elements, pays great attention to the quality of materials she chooses with care. In her creations, she never loses sight of the primary goal: functionality.
Her garments aim to enhance the posture and presence of the wearer: simple and contemporary, simultaneously strong and delicate, devoid of unnecessary eccentricities. Her characteristic tailoring cuts are clean and linear. In Jil Sander’s creations, rigor, sobriety, and sophistication coexist without prints, and generous volumes prevail.
Jil Sander dresses strong, emancipated, and above all, elegant women. In a magazine interview, she herself states that she wants to dress “Women with brains,” a step forward. A woman firm in her ideas with a sober and refined style.