Family-run company, founded in Hawick, Scotland, in 1991, specializing in the production of high-quality luxury cashmere garments.
The entire production process at Hawico takes place in a nineteenth-century factory where cashmere yarns have been processed since 1874. The historic mill that supplied energy to the factory is still present in the facility today. Throughout its long history, this mill has transformed a small town in southeast Scotland into a center of excellence in the creation of cashmere products.
Tradition is the watchword for this brand, along with technological innovation that enables the production of seamless garments. Skilled artisans add the finishing touches, honing their techniques passed down through generations.
Hawico now boasts stores across Europe, international awards and recognition, as well as visits to the facility by members of the British royal family.

Luxury and sustainability
are key elements of Hawico’s ethos. The company exclusively uses the finest cashmere yarns, produced in Scotland with wool imported from Mongolia and China.
Hawico is committed to overseeing the entire production cycle of its raw materials, choosing only ethically produced and collected wool that doesn’t harm the goats, supporting small farmers, and empowering female workers.
One of the brand’s core values is to create products of the highest quality in an ethical and sustainable manner, as this is the true essence of luxury.