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Extreme in shapes, extreme in quality: extreme cashmere sets no limits to occasions, seasons, and those who want to wear the brand’s garments.
One size fits all: the refined aesthetic reinvents the classic style of cashmere garments by transforming lines and colors, opting for a unisex genre and a single size.
Subtle and playful at the same time, the design of extreme cashmere is meant to endure over time. The garments from the extreme cashmere collections are recognized by the detail of the flag embroidered on the cuffs or hem: this small symbol represents the available colors for that specific style.
The brand’s vision embraces the idea of bringing luxury cashmere closer to the themes of inclusivity, enterprise, and sustainability: with over twenty-five years of experience in designing, planning, and producing cashmere clothing, the extreme cashmere brand achieves the goal of presenting collections for everybody, for every body.