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Chloé is the brand founded in 1952 by the Parisian designer of Egyptian origin, Gaby Aghion, who chose this name for its feminine and refined sound, serving as an identity symbol that expresses the very essence of the brand.
A pivotal moment in Chloé’s history occurred in 1966 when the brand transitioned to Karl Lagerfeld, who took the reins and elevated Chloé to the ranks of the most celebrated fashion houses of the 1970s. With Lagerfeld, the celebration of carefree and feminine romanticism continued, breaking cultural boundaries. Notably, his vibrant collections spanned various styles, from classic to pop, and won the admiration of fashion icons like Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, and Grace Kelly, who appreciated the brand’s refined and elegant style, wearing it on numerous occasions.
In the late 1990s, under the guidance of Stella McCartney, Maison Chloé maintained its inherently feminine and romantic character but with an added touch of impertinence. Today, under the artistic direction of Gabriela Hearst, Chloé reaffirms its international resonance while honoring its long history and values.

Who is the woman wearing Chloé?
According to Chloé, the woman is an incurable romantic: glamorous and chic, she loves sophisticated comfort and casual details. The collections feature garments with soft, sinuous, and elegant lines encapsulated in a delicate and timeless style.

Chloé: a brand, an identity, a mission
Chloé upholds the ideals on which it was founded, continuing to promote equal opportunities, combat the gender gap, and foster inclusion.
Its goals also extend to a more sustainable vision, creating garments with low-impact materials and striving to eliminate single-use plastic in consciously aware collections.